SCORE is a volunteer organization that provides free, confidential counseling for America’s small businesses. 

SCORE’s mission is to strengthen small business, strengthen local communities and strengthen America by supporting our proud heritage of entrepreneurs seeking opportunities and building success.



√  Connect you with a counselor who is best suited to respond to your specific situation.

√  Review your proposal or business plan.

√  Provide you with guidelines, connections, and suggestions to help you succeed.

√  Offer you very low-cost seminars and workshops to assist start-ups and established


SCORE cannot:

X Get you a grant or loan from anyone.

X Write your business plan or grant request for you.

X Suggest that you do anything illegal or unethical.

Your SCORE counselor will:

√  Respect your confidentiality in every way.

√  Take time to fully understand your idea and offer constructive insights.

√  Guide you to finding your own solutions to your situations.

√  Keep working with you for as long as you believe it is valuable to you.

 Your SCORE counselor will not:

X Ask for your SSN or bank account number.

X Accept any compensation for counseling services.

X Tell you how to run your business.

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For the Life of Your Business - SCORE