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Your business is your legacy, don't forget the regular maintenance. Fox Cities SCORE chapter offers free access to business experts with the experience to help keep your business running like a well oiled machine. Smart small business owners of all sizes take our BUSINESS SCAN annually.

The SCORE Business Scan is a process whereby a team of experienced SCORE counselors is assigned to review your business from a total perspective at a limited snapshot in time. It is designed to provide you with a picture of your business as viewed through the eyes of experienced counselors as they compare your management, operations, marketing and finances with like and similar businesses.

The Business Scan is divided into five sections:






The Business Scan will be provided to you in a written format with the findings of the team and their conclusions and recommendations. The team will debrief you and whomever you desire by reviewing each section of the Business Scan to give you an understanding of how they arrived at their conclusions and subsequent recommendations.

At any time during this process, you may decide to become more involved in or conclude your involvement with the SCORE Business Scan Team.

At all times the SCORE Business Scan Team’s one goal will be to help you foster and strengthen your business. You control the business scanning process as you desire.

The Business Scanning Process contains five phases:

  1. Introduction and kickoff meeting where the guidelines to be followed are agreed
  2. Diagnosis or fact-finding period where as much information as possible is gathered and investigated
  3. Action planning where specific actions are reviewed for impact and results
  4. Implementation phase where the agreed-upon actions are implemented
  5. Wrap Up where the process is considered complete